rdesktop for Windows

rdesktop is a terminal services client for X windows by Matthew Chapman. This is a native Windows port of rdesktop.


Windows 95 OSR2/98/Me/NT 4/2000/XP/2003


Latest version:

Note: this snapshot is not a complete port and requires Cygwin 1.5.12 to run.
Binaries: rdesktop-bin-win32-20041201.zip
Source: rdesktop-src-win32-20041201.tar.bz2

Older versions:

Full native ports of rdesktop 1.2. Cygwin is not required.
Binaries: rdesktop-bin-win32-20030219.zip
Source: rdesktop-src-win32-20030219.tar.bz2
Binaries: rdesktop.zip
Source: rdesktop-src.tar.gz


GNU General Public License
rdesktop © Matthew Chapman 1999-2003 © Christopher January 2002-2003,2004

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26 Responses to “rdesktop for Windows”

  1. Hello,could you tell me how to compile the windows version?

  2. Hi,
    I would also be interested to get an up to date version or rdesktop for windows. So do you think about making a new version or could you tell us how to compile the sources ?

  3. since this is a port, I don’t think you could just get the source and compile. a post usually requires some work to the original code.

    I do support the request to make a updated version of the port.

  4. An updated version would be appreciated. Maybe at the very least version 1.5 for SeamlessRDP.

  5. Building rdesktop on windows host under cygwin:


  6. Could you please compile new version 1.6.0 for Windows? Thanks a lot.

  7. http://downloads.sourceforge.net/msi-repository/Rdesktop-1.5.0.msi

  8. I’ve installed rdesktop 1.5.0 from lsi’s link on my win xp pro system.
    but even if i try to connect to another win xp pro (test enviroment) if got an “ERROR: Failed to open display:”

    Any ideas?

    Thanks forward.

  9. Andy, you need to startup the xwin server on your PC by running startxwin.sh which can be found under the bin folder of your cygwin, then, run rdesktop1.5.0 from the root window of your xwin server.

  10. I tried the 1.2 in my XP, it is very slow. Has any one try the “latest one” that reqired the cynwin. Is it faster?


  11. Hey guys, I made a small utility to help launch applications from a launchpad or via command line, you can find it here:


  12. @elf: I’ve tested the cygwin port on virtualbox (mac host, xp guest)… I found it run very (extremely) slow. Requires xorg-server, xinit packages and maybe, the removal of cygwin1.dll from rdesktop folder as well.

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  14. Hallo,

    i got rdestop to run on xp with the link of unxed. but i can’t set the keymap. when i start rdesktop i get the error ‘failed to open keymap en-us’. when i try to set the kemap with ‘rdesktop -k de’ i get ‘failed to open keymap de’. where is the correct path for the files?

    please help me!

    p.s. sorry for my bad english.

  15. Hey,

    the -f fullscreen option does not work in Windows.
    Is there any exe that it will work with?

  16. Yea the native 1.5 and/or 1.6 rdesktop will work in full screen, used it a long time ago. Can’t find either native now…

  17. Hallo,

    does anyone now, where i can find a native windows port of rdesktop 1.5 or higher? i want to use it for seeamless RDP. The cygwin Version has varios problems with the xserver.

  18. xserver problem -> try “xming portable” this works for me
    set the environment variable!
    set DISPLAY=

  19. @Hr. Neumann: can you please give me a short Howto and a URL to Xming portable? Or is Xming_PortablePUTTY the App you mean.

  20. Hello …

    For rdestop (native ports) that compiler use?

    I compiled the version 1.6.0 with Cywin, I run it and throws an Error: Failed to open display:
    I already have Xmin.

  21. Hello …

    For rdestop (native ports) that compiler use?

    I compiled the version 1.6.0 with Cywin, Now I can run the application without problems.

  22. Hello

    I compile rdesktop version 1.6.0 with cygwin (copy of rdesktop-src-win32-20041201.tar.bz2 file win32.c) make changes to create an executable functional but have problems with viewing the bitmap, see my website to see the problem(see last link).


    Thank you.

  23. Binaries: rdesktop.zip caused page full of errors before crashing on w2ksp4+

    these are the 3 errors but they were repeated dozens of times before it fell over.

    ERROR: ui_rect: Could not create brush
    ERROR: Could not create compatible device context
    ERROR: ui_patblt: Could not create brush (style 3)

  24. All was good until I entered the passwd, the server was w2k advanced server.

  25. Hi Guys

    I was the one who compiled the version 1.5.0, which is awailable at the Open Source MSI repository .. and I been asked many times – how it’s done.

    Now I finally wrote a simple howto, so if you are interested, you can follow this simple guide and create your own build:


    Regards Søren Schimkat

  26. Hi, help!I wanna complie the source windows,and ran it as a win32 program, but I don’t know how to do it. Do you have a guide about it, thanks so much.

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